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Israeli Nukes, US Foreign Aid and the Symington Amendment.


The following document case file reveals the slow decline of  the policy of "strategic ambiguity" whereby US and Israeli officials deny the existence of the Israeli nuclear weapons arsenal in order to continue unfettered US military aid.
Document/File Date Contents
1960 (PDF) CIA Special National Intelligence Estimate released on June 5, 2009.  Israel's nukes and role in foreign policy "assertiveness."

"Possession of a nuclear weapon capability, or even the prospect of achieving it, would clearly give Israel a greater sense of security, self-confidence, and assertiveness...Israel would be less inclined than ever to make concessions..."
1963 President John F. Kennedy insists on US inspections of Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor in a secret letter to Prime Minister Levi Eskol.
1970 Treaty on the Non proliferation of Nuclear Weapons enters into force.
1976 The US passes the Symington Amendment of  1976. Symington Amendment prohibits most U.S. foreign aid to any country found trafficking in nuclear enrichment equipment or technology outside international safeguards. Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
1977 Glenn Amendment of 1977 calls for an end to aid to countries that import reprocessing technology.
1978 The General Accounting Office investigates Israeli diversion of weapons grade uranium from the United States and produces the report "Nuclear Diversion in the U.S.? 13 Years of Contradiction and Confusion."  It remains classified until May 6, 2010.
1986 The Sunday Times publishes "The secrets of Israel's nuclear arsenal/ Atomic technician Mordechai Vanunu reveals secret weapons production."
2008 Former president Jimmy Carter names Israel as a nuclear weapons power.
2008 The US Army names Israel as a nuclear weapons power.
2009 AIPAC and ZOA lobby for $2.775 billion in US military aid for Israel
2009 Congress advised (via fax) that US aid is governed by the Symington Amendment.
2009 President Barak Obama advised (via letter) that US aid is governed by the Symington Amendment


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