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Most Americans believe the CIA's files on the NUMEC diversion should be released - 1/26/2016

When made aware that the CIA has secret files about the diversion of weapons-grade uranium from a US contractor to Israel, most Americans indicate the files should be publicly released.

Question: The CIA secretly believes in the 1960's a gov't contractor diverted US weapons-grade uranium to a foreign nuclear weapons program. The site will cost $500 million to clean up.

The CIA's secret files should be released 59.4%  
The CIA's secret files shouldn't be released 37.4%  
Other 3.2%  

Survey developed by: IRmep
Survey fielded by: Google Surveys 1/26/2016
Population surveyed: US Adult Internet Users
Representative Sample size: 1,502 Statistically significant
Google survey page (link)

Raw survey data from Google (Download)

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