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Most Americans Believe Obama Administration Did Wrong Abstaining From UN Resolution About Israeli Settlements - 12/28/2016

The Obama administration abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity, seeing the escalation of settlement building as an increasing threat to regional stability that would implicate the United States if it became the only Security Council member to cast a "no" vote. In light of almost unanimous US support of Israel at the UN, a surprisingly high number of Americans, nearly 40%, supported the US abstention.

Question: A December 23 UN Security Council resolution stated Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal. The US abstained, allowing it to pass. Do you think:

The US did the wrong thing 54.8%  
The US did the right thing 38.9%  
Other 6.3%

Survey developed by: IRmep
Survey fielded by: Google Surveys 12/28/2016
Representative Sample size: 1,045 Statistically significant
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