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Did you know that Gallup Organization public opinion polls claiming Americans overwhelmingly sympathize with Israel over Palestinians are wrong and cannot be replicated? Or that Americans would not support cuts in US aid to foreign countries simply because those countries opposed the administration’s controversial move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

Most Americans didn’t know either!

In scientific research, fraud is taken seriously. Scientists that falsify data lose their positions at universities and prominent corporations. Some are criminally prosecuted. There is an avid and rigorous community replicating and fact-checking clinical trials and major drugs that can affect the lives of millions.

Not so in the field of public opinion research.

Public opinion research can be used to claim there is public support for policies where none truly exists. No organization has ever challenged The Gallup Corporation over its suspiciously consistent polling and gaudy headlines about supposed popular US support for Israel. that is, not until IRmep polled thousands for our ground-breaking report: Why Gallup Overstates American Sympathy for Israel: False claims and outdated methodologies fuel policy disasters. In that report, we revealed how Gallup’s methodology guarantees misleading results, presenting not only IRmep’s statistically significant poll results, but inexplicable variance with Pew Research as well.

IRmep continues to conduct ground-breaking polls most major pollsters would never dream of fielding. We also continue to monitor polls impacting Middle East policy fielded by Rasmussen, Pew Research, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Gallup.

The stakes are simply way too high to allow unchallenged polls presentign fake data to go unchallegened! Support IRmep polls through a tax-exempt contribution today!

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