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IRmep Polling Methodology

The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) closely monitors major polls that impact U.S. Middle East policy. We also pay close attention to the wording of polling questions. Most important, we have developed a proprietary database of questions that are either rarely or never asked by mainstream pollsters.


IRmep formulates its own polling questions and circulates them among Middle East policy experts to refine and assess the wording. We also sometimes do a limited "field test" of questions to make sure the target population of the survey (usually American adult internet users) understand the question. At times, we provide irrefuntable data points and facts in a statement and ask for responses. When a poll is ready to field, we use one of the most proven reliable, low cost and rapid pollting platforms available: Google Surveys.

After negotiations over the application of Google's evolving survey policies, IRmep pays Google Surveys to field its poll and monitors polling progress to ensure that enough results are collected to achieve a root mean square near 5.0, and preferably less. IRmep then publishes results, often further analyzing results for publication in short and long reports summarizing key findings. See the polls page for links to poll results and reports. See Google for information on its polling platform and the significance of root mean square as a measurement of error.

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