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10/04/2013 Neocon Clean Break Plan Implementation update

The "Clean Break Plan" was a set of policy recommendations crafted by Amercan neoconservatives for Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996.  During the Bush administration, neoconservatives pushed to implement Clean Break policies, the most grandiose was the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

But the Clean Break contained many other programs.  Today, 100 percent of the Syria recommendations have been realized.  By IRmep's subjective measure, 70 percent of the Clean Break objectives have been implemented�principally at U.S. taxpayer expense and at great cost to the American military.

Category Objective Completion
Increase U.S. Congressional Support �Electrify and find support� of key U.S. congressional members 100%
  Strategic cooperation with U.S. on missile defense 100%
  Gain more support among members of Congress with little knowledge of Israel 100%
  Harness support to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv 0%
  Identify Israel with  the U.S. and �western values� 100%
  Utilize Cold War rhetoric to make Israel's case to the American people 100%
�Peace for Peace� Palestinian Solution Eliminate movements toward a �comprehensive peace� and substitute with the �Peace for Peace� strategy 100%
  Stress �balance of power� as sole test of legitimacy, enforce agreements 100%
  Nurture alternatives to Arafat 100%
  Seek legitimization of �hot pursuit� of Palestinian militants 100%
  Eliminate �land for peace� concept, use negotiations only as a forum for communicating resolve 100%
  Establish a joint monitoring committee with the U.S. for measuring Palestinian compliance 100%
  Withhold U.S. aid to Palestinians 100%
  Promote Human Rights among Arabs to isolate Palestinians in Arab Constituencies 100%
  Legitimize 2000 year old historical land claim 100%
  Foment Arab recognition of Israel in exchange for peace 0%
Contain, Destabilize, and Roll Back Regional Challengers Challenge Arab countries as �police states� lacking in legitimacy. 100%
  Fortify regional alliances.  Work with Turkey and Jordan to insert hostile Arab tribes into Syria 100%
Syria Publicly question Syrian legitimacy, assume treaties with Damascus are in bad faith 100%
  Contain Syria, strike select targets 100%
  Reject �land for peace� concept on the Golan Heights 100%
Iraq Install a Hashemite monarchy in Iraq 0%
  Isolate and surround Syria with a friendly regime in Iraq 50%
Lebanon Engage Syria, Iran and Iraq in Lebanon 100%
  �Wean� Lebanese Shiites from Iraq toward Jordan 0%
Economic Reform Eliminate Social Zionism from the economy. 0%
  Reform the overall economy, cut taxes 0%
  Show maturity and economic self reliance from the United States 0%
  Eliminate need for defense by U.S. military forces 0%
  Remove U.S. aid leverage over Israel 100%
  Re-legislate a free trade zone, sell off public lands and enterprises 50%
Zionism Rebuild Zionism, rejuvenate the national ideal 50%
  �Shape the regional environment� in favor of Israel, �transcend foes� rather than contain them 100%
  Pre-emption as the preferred national defense strategy 100%




Mean Score 72%

To view an IRmep-sponsored panel discussion in the Rayburn House Office Building broadcast by C-SPAN in 2003, see:


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