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Foreign Agents cover shotFOREIGN AGENTS: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee from the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal
by Grant F. Smith
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Editorial Reviews:

"In this book, Grant Smith renders a vital public service by providing chapter-and-verse evidence that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee--Israel's U.S. lobby--is the agent of a foreign government and has violated public law for years in ways that seriously harm U.S. national interests. No matter what its ultimate destiny, the recent indictment of AIPAC operatives for alleged espionage against the United States is a law enforcement watershed and a call to action. At long last, the American people must recognize and remedy the most harmful foreign interest ever assembled on U.S. soil, the phenomenal influence of the State of Israel in almost every aspect of American life." Paul Findley, Member of Congress 1961-83, author of three books on the U.S.-Israeli relationship, including the Washington Post bestseller, "They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby."

"For those who want to understand how AIPAC and the Israel lobby have hijacked the American political process, Grant Smith's "Foreign Agents," is required reading. His detailed history of AIPAC's operations, long suppressed, should remove any doubts that what the American people are up against is a dangerous Fifth Column that must be challenged and defeated. Thanks to Grant Smith, we have a powerful tool to do that." Jeffrey Blankfort is the former editor of the Middle East Labor Bulletin and hosts the international affairs program "Takes on the World" on KZYX Pacifica Radio in Mendocino, California.

"Lobbies, citizens advancing shared interests, are an essential element of the democratic process. When those interests are clearly another country's, however, especially if they have had pervasive, costly, negative impact on America's, a lobby - such as AIPAC and it's many co-conspirators - is not only highly undesirable, it is very dangerous. Wealthy, powerful, almost covert, with the proven capability of strongly influencing the media as well as both parties in Congress and the White House, AIPAC's omnipresent, little-known activities demand the public scrutiny that Foreign Agents initiates."  Ambassador Edward L. Peck, former Chief of Mission in Iraq and Former Deputy Director, Cabinet Task Force on Terrorism, Reagan White House

"This is an important book that should be read by everyone, especially those who are in policy making positions. AIPAC has proved itself to be a danger to our democracy by using money and political power to benefit a foreign government, all at the expense of the American taxpayer. Grant Smith has done a great deal of powerful research to bring facts that will benefit us all when making decisions as to who we vote for." Senator James G. Abourezk served as a Democratic United States Representative from 1971 to 1973 and represented South Dakota in the U.S. Senate from 1973 until 1979.

"Grant Smith has produced a momentous scholarly work that reveals an eye-opening picture of the carefully guarded operations of the Israeli lobby and its unparalleled influence over US policy in the Middle East. What makes this daringly debunking research work convincing and its arguments irrefutable is the fact that it steers past the dangers of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Israeli lobby by drawing exclusively on official government and/or public sources of information. Foreign Agents is a must read primer for anyone interested in making sense of our government's policy in the Middle East and its implications for our domestic politics and priorities." Ismael Hossein-Zadeh Ph.D. is Professor of Economics at Drake University and Author of the book "The Political Economy of US Militarism"

"In Foreign Agents, Grant Smith has drawn together the historical threads of a foreign lobby group that has managed to slip between the cracks despite its connection to numerous illegal activities in the United States. Foreign Agents reveals what every American citizen should know about AIPAC, the Israeli lobby which holds sway over many US politicians, and hence US politics, often to the detriment of US interests. A must read book." Kim Petersen is the co-editor of the Dissident Voice newsletter

 "Grant F. Smith's book provides a superb review of the efforts that have been made to expose the Israel lobby from 1963 to 2005. Smith's work is extremely well researched. He gathers together documents, testimony from closed-door hearings, and news articles that most Americans have totally forgotten... His work is monumental."
Richard Curtiss executive editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Book Details

Page Count: 200 pages
Language: English
Paperback ISBN: 0-9764437-7-5
Hardcover ISBN: 0-9764437-8-3
Product Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.25 x 0.75 inches

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