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Questions and Answers

What is the Center for Policy and Law Enforcement? IRmep research has revealed important laws are routinely broken by Israeli  and Israel-linked U.S. entities.   IRmep's Center for Policy and Law Enforcement works to reveal, document, formulate pro-forma evidence and encourage law enforcement officials and regulators to uphold US law and prosecute wrongdoing.

What does Middle East policy have to do with law enforcement?
In the 1940s, the Jewish Agency set up a massive arms smuggling network in the United States.  Although hundreds of members were identified stealing and violating the Arms Export Control Act, only a few lower level operatives were ever prosecuted.  By the 1960s, Israel-linked groups were stealing nuclear material and technology.  In the 1980s Israel's LAKAM technology and military secrets network was preying on business and national defense infrastructure.  In 2005 Israel's American lobby AIPAC was caught trying to use stolen classified information to touch off military conflict with Iran. Today, operatives conduct interventions into US media and politics, but remain outside registration with the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Important US statutes, rarely enforced, could contribute much more to Middle East peace�but only if Americans understand how law enforcement is related to policy, and prosecutors are motivated to finally "take the case."

If you are a lawyer interested in legal research or licensed to practice you help on a pro bono basis!  Please send your bio, practice area, and how you think you can help out through our online web form.

CFPLE Lawsuits

CIA intelligence support to Israel

9/02/2015 (PDF) Lawsuit seeking 10 years data on CIA intelligence support to Israel.

02/05/2016 (PDF) CIA motion for summary judgment

03/04/2016 (PDF) IRmep opposition to motion for summary judgment.

04/01/2016 (PDF) CIA reply motion in support of summary judgment

04/16/2016 (PDF) Plaintiff reply motion in opposition to summary judgment New!

CIA files on the illegal diversion of US weapons-grade uranium to Israel

02/13/2015  (PDF) Lawsuit seeking all CIA files on the Israeli theft of U.S. weapons grade uranium with the possible collusion the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation management

04/29/2015 (PDF) Benjamin Mizer, Vincent Cohen, and Elizabeth Shapiro assign Zachary Corey to defend the CIA.

04/30/2015 (PDF) Counsel for the CIA denies legal right of plaintiff, through FOIA, to obtain NUMEC files.

05/18/2015 (PDF) Joint status report.  CIA 90 days for litigation review.

08/20/2015 (PDF) Second joint status report, major disagreement on proceeding.

09/02/2015 (PDF) Transcript, oral presentations before the judge.

10/29/2015 (PDF) Transcript, oral presentations before the judge.

11/04/2015 (PDFs) Supplemental authority and exhibits filing before summary judgment.

12/28/2015 (PDFs) Defendant motion for summary judgement

01/28/2016 (PDFs) Plaintiff opposition to motion for summary judgment

01/28/2016 (PDFs) Plaintiff motion to file 1st amended complaint naming Department of Justice as defendant

02/11/2016 (PDF) Defendant's opposition to amended complaint

02/17/2016 (PDF) Plaintiff motion in support of amended complaint New

DoD commissioned report on the Israeli nuclear weapons program

10/28/2014 (PDF) Lawsuit seeking DoD report on American affiliates of Israeli entities engaged in clandestine nuclear weapons research and development.

11/19/2014 Department of Defense presents "NDA" tactic, requests more time.

11/20/2014 IRmep cites DoD violations, refutes NDA tactic, seeks in camera review.

11/21/2014 Court gives DoD until 11/26 to respond (transcript).

12/19/2014 DoD drops NDA defense, seeks 3rd time extension to consult with Israel.

12/26/2014 IRmep asks court to deny extension and conduct in camera review and release.

01/05/2014 DoD responds that it does not oppose in camera review, Israel must review report.

01/07/2014 IRmep reponds DoD is acting in bad faith, that Israel not appropriate review party.

01/08/2014 Judge orders defendant to respond by February 12, if not will do in camera review.

02/10/2015 DoD releases unredacted section on Israel from report.

CFPLE Filings


11/19/2014 According to court filings, Technion's Dr. Amir Gat allegedly �stored project-related files and technical information on his personal laptop, rather than on his safeguarded office computer, in violation of the TCP and ITAR.� On May 25, 2010, a virus attacked project leader Dr. Sandra Troian's computer network working on the JPL "Electrospray" project at Caltech, causing hundreds of project files to be uploaded in rapid succession to an unknown IP address outside of Caltech. Dr. Troian traced the virus that caused the network problems to Dr. Gat's computer, and notified Caltech officials of this fact. On May 28, 2010, Dr. Gat admitted to Dr. Troian that he had been sharing details of the Electrospray Project with Dr. Daniel Weihs, his Ph.D. advisor at Technion without proper US government approval. On June 3, 2010, Dr. Troian found Dr. Gat wandering alone, unauthorized, in one of her access-restricted experimental laboratories. Dr. Gat explained that Dr. Weihs had recommended from Technion that he "look around" to see what other aerospace projects were ongoing at Caltech in collaboration with JPL. Request that Gat be extradited and prosecuted for espionage.

Jewish Agency for Israel (JA)

08/21/2013 (PDF) Israel's Jewish Agency announces a $300 million propaganda campaign in the United States.  Justice Department asked how it will monitor and ensure FARA compliance of an organization with a long history illegally smuggling weapons, filing false FARA reports, and laundering funds through American front organizations.

06/26/2015 (PDF) Israel's Jewish Agency announces a new "emissary" program to place Israeli operatives on North American campuses and summer camps.  Given organization's history of money laundering, un-reported propaganda and lobbying, the DOJ FARA unit asked to monitor the program and provide reports as required under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

08/05/2013 (PDF) Request to Special Agent in Command (SAC) of all FBI field divisions to maintain a "professional distance" from the ADL given its long record using illicit tactics to subvert legitimate Arab diplomatic, pro-Palestinian, anti-Apartheid and other groups.

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)

03/04/2013 (PDF) Complaint filing to Clerk of the House of Representatives on Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) failure to properly file lobbying disclosure forms.

02/15/2013 (PDF) IRS confirms receipt of complaint about why the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) should not have its tax-exempt status reinstated.

01/07/2013 (PDF) Filing about why the IRS should not reinstate the Zionist Organization of America's revoked tax-exempt status.

01/06/2013 (PDF) Filing to US Department of Justice soliciting files it was legally obligated to collect after ordering ZOA to register under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP)

10/11/2012  The recent activities at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, detailed in the enclosed article appear to contemplate false flag attacks in order to goad the U.S. into attacking Iran. WINEP is the offshoot of an organization (AIPAC) we believe should long have been registering under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act. Filing

LAKAM/Milchan/Netanyahu/Smyth Nuclear Smuggling ring

04/03/2014 Multi-agency filing to deport confessed spy Arnon Milchan.

11/25/2013 IRmep calls for investigation and prosecution of Arnon Milchan for admitted nuclear espionage and violations of the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act.

07/11/2012 Filing to INTERPOL

US-funded Weizmann Institute Nuclear Weapons Program

08/31/2012 "The Internal Revenue Service has an ongoing examination program to ensure that exempt organization comply with the applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.  The information you submitted will be considered in this program."

08/24/2012 "If you have any questions about this letter, please call Gregory Schantz..." David L. Fish, IRS Exempt Organizations Guidance

06/13/2012 [IRmep] does not think you [IRS Commissioner Shulman] are taking this situation at all seriously..."

05/03/2012 "...I cannot comment on what action, if any, we may take on the information you provided..." David L. Fish, IRS Exempt Organizations Guidance

03/07/2012 "The Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot has been found by a US Department of Defense sponsored study to be supporting Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program."

Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation

07/05/2012 Filing to US Army Corps of Engineers and US Attorney

AIPAC Tax Exempt Status - IRS/US Treasury

11/19/2012 IRS confirmation of complaint. Full filing (366 KB)

11/7/2012 IRmep files a third 13909 complaint after discussions with an IRS agent about AIPAC's failure to file accurate tax returns for the years 2005, 2007-2009.  Full filing (31 KB)

10/24/2012 IRmep files a second complaint to the IRS alleging AIEF has violated the terms of its original application for tax-exempt status. Full filing. (66 KB)  

09/10/2012 David L. Fish acknowledges citizen complaints a year after receiving the petitions for redress. "This letter responds to your letter received February 10, 2012 concerning alleged lobbying activities by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and/or the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF).." Donald (pdf) Smith (pdf), Fritsh (pdf), Saidi (pdf)

12/08/2011 IRS acknowledges complaint. Full filing (39 KB)

11/29/2011 US Treasury acknowledges complaint. Full filing (31 KB)

09/14/2011 IRS Confirmation

09/09/2011 IRmep files an addendum to its 11/24/2010 complaint substantiating that AIPAC has set up a sham corporation, the American Israel Education Foundation, to lobby with tax-exempt funding. Full Filing (1.9 MB)

08/24/2011 IRS Confirmation

05/20/2011 US Treasury Confirmation

2/22/2011 IRmep files an addendum to its 11/24/2010 complaint substantiating newly documented instances of AIPAC trafficking in classified US government information, which is not a tax exempt social welfare function. Full Filing  (58 KB)

12/2/2010 IRS Confirmation

11/24/2010 IRmep files a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service seeking retroactive revocation of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's tax exemption. Full Filing (2 MB)

AIPAC Foreign Agents Registration

06/04/2015 Refile 2009 AIPAC FARA complaint with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

07/19/2012 FARA complaint addendum that AIPAC's promotion of Knesset-derived legislation in the Congress is additional proof of foreign agency. Letter (53 KB)

12/29/2011 FARA Registration Unit Chief Heather H. Hunt denies IRmep request for AIPAC registration briefing with AG Holder. Full Filing (33 KB)

11/4/2009 IRmep meets with US Department of Justice and files a demand that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee be re-regulated under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act Full filing (43 MB)

US Trade Representative

5/24/2011 IRmep seeks $6.64 billion in damages for US industries and groups victimized by Israeli government/AIPAC use of their classified confidential business information. Full Filing (4 MB)

05/13/2009 IRmep meets with the US Trade Representative Section 301 Committee to file a complaint to suspend the US-Israel Free Trade Area over trade secret theft and intellectual property violations. Full Filing (6 MB)

Unlawful activities to produce Incitement

09/13/2012 IRmep notifies  the Los Angeles Probation Information Center that Nakoula Bassely Nakoula has violated the terms of his release from prison. Full Filing Addendum  

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