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04/18/2016 The Tom Woods Show - The Israel Lobby: What it does, and how it works. We are supposed to believe that the network of organizations promoting a particular view of Israel and the U.S. relationship with that country doesn't exist, and that anyone who says it does is a crank and a hater. Yet it's precisely the network of organizations that would call such a person a hater that we're talking about in the first place. Grant Smith joins me for a rational discussion of this inexplicably sensitive issue. Link Download

03/18/2016 "Israel's Influence: Good or Bad for America?" Audio file page.

2/4/2016 Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, discusses the guest speakers confirmed for the upcoming “Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America?” conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, March 18, 2016 The Scott Horton Show Download

1/16/2016 Takes On the World - Unanswered Questions re Pollard Spy Case

Jeffrey Blankfort interviews Grant F. Smith about the unanswered questions remaining from Jonathan Pollard spy case; the identity of mysterious Mr. X or Mega who provided control numbers of top secret government files to Pollard's handlers that Israel's spy was tasked to produce and copy; why those in the pro-Israel community who assisted him, arranging the first contact with Israel Embassy and another who provided secure apartment where documents could be copied, were not indicted as "accessories after the fact"� and the monetary value of secrets sold by Pollard. Smith also speaks about other known major Israeli spy cases in which Israel's agents went unpunished, suggesting that the Pollard prosecution was diversion from hunt for Mr. X. Other agents discussed were Zalman Shapiro, whose NUMEC corporation in Apollo, PA diverted enriched weapons grade uranium for Israel's nuclear weapons to Israel, leaving the town a toxic superfund site, Ben-Ami Kadish and Arnon Milchan, the Israeli-born Hollywood producer who worked for Mossad, obtaining nuclear triggers for Israel with Netanyahu on receiving end in Israel, according to and FBI document that mainstream media refuses to report. Recorded on December 23, 2015 Download

11/25/2015 Radio host Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith about why Trump & MSM can't get the "9/11 celebration in NJ" story right; Jonathan Pollard's release from prison and the important questions not being asked by the mainstream corporate media. Download

09/08/2015 Radio host Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith on 130 pages of CIA files obtained in a FOIA lawsuit that suggest the CIA covered up the most importance evidence that weapons-grade uranium was stolen from the U.S. Download

08/28/2015 Scott Horton Show - Radio host Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith on IRmep's FOIA, appeal and upcoming lawsuit to compel full release the U.S. federal nuclear gag order. When did America adopt a gag order policy toward Israel's nuclear weapons? Who benefits? How would a straightforward discussion on the true state of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East have altered the Iran nuclear scare campaign in mainstream news media? Would American presidents have to address the "Sampson option" Israeli nuclear doctrine if the gag order were lifted? Would Israel Affinity Organizations operating as charities in the U.S. to fund nuclear weapons research and development in Israel be affected by an open debate? How many nuclear weapons are there in Israel, and does the exact number even matter? Are "secret" nukes really an Israeli "fulcrum of undue influence?" Download

07/28/2015 Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith about the IRmep poll showing most Americans don't what to compensate Israel over the Iran nuclear deal, the high level leak that the Iran issue is a cash cow AIPAC cannot replace, and how Jewish Federations may become a force multiplier in the battle to derail the deal. Download

07/25/2015 WZBC Radio: Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program,John Grebe interviews Grant F. Smith about how the coming fight in the U.S. over the Iran nuclear may help drag Israel's arsenal of nukes out of the closet. Download

07/17/2015 KPFA Radio: Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein.  Israel's renegade nuke program. Download

04/10/2015 The Israel Lobby: Is It Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel? Audio of speaker presentations at the April 10 conference at the National Press Club. Link.

03/12/2015 Scott Horton Show - Discussion of the conference "The Israel Lobby: Is It Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel?" at the National Press Club on April 10.  Download

03/09/2015 WCSX Detroit, WRIF-FM - Nightcall with Peter Werbe: The Netanyahu Deception. Download

03/06/2015 Mutually Assured Deception: Why Netanyahu's nuclear arsenal is not up for debate in Congress. Leid Stories on PRN Download

03/04/2015 Arab Voices Radio Talk Show - Israel and Netanyahu's visit to the US; nuclear weapons; his recent courtroom victory to release a report on the Israeli H-bomb development program and its nuclear weapons production sites; US support for Israel; US-Israel relations; and more. Download.

03/03/2015 Bill LuMaye Show: 850 WPTF: Netanyahu's Nuclear "Chutzpah." Download

02/23/2015 The Monitor - What ISIS really wants - Jennifer Lowenstein.  Israel's Nuclear Program Revealed: Next Steps - Grant F. Smith.  Download.

02/16/2015 Flashpoints Radio - Rachel Corrie court verdict, Gareth Porter on Iran's nuclear program, Grant Smith on Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal. Download.

01/29/2015 Scott Horton Show - A poll commissioned by IRmep shows Americans believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be investigated for nuclear weapons tech smuggling before he is allowed to visit the US. Download

12/17/2014 Scott Horton Show - What is the objective of the conference "The Israel Lobby: Is It Good for the US?"  Why hold it at the National Press Club in Washington?  How can people attend?  When will speakers be announced?  What is the website? Download

11/01/2014 Scott Horton Show - IRmep lawsuit spotlights U.S. charities that fund Israel's secret nuclear weapons program. Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, discusses his federal lawsuit demanding the release of a 1987 DoD study on Israel's nuclear weapons program; and why he wants to end the US government's pretense of ignorance about Israel's nukes.  (Download)

10/08/2014 Takes On the World with host Jeffrey Blankfort - United Against Nuclear Iran group tries, and fails, to wriggle out of defamation lawsuit. How UANI fits into the larger network of pro-Israel 'affinity groups,' likely link to Treasury's 'terrorist' monitors; why DOJ's Eric Holder wants to quash lawsuit; how UANI's setting up new Committee Against Extremism follows path of pro-Israel orgs reconstituting when cornered, eg., Amer. Zionist Council to AIPAC; AIPAC begetting WINEP (TWI) during the 1984-1985 FBI espionage investigation; how media misreport Israeli espionage cases; how 1963 Sen. Fulbright hearings on Jewish Agency money laundering would be impossible today; new IRmep poll on US aid to Israel. (Download)

09/30/2014 Scott Horton Show: Was IRmep survey finding "Most Americans Say US Gives Too Much Aid to Israel" a "Push Poll" or just detailed enough to get bona fide answers? (Download)

09/16/2014 Scott Horton Show: Why the Justice Department is asking a federal judge to throw out a defamation suit against United Against a Nuclear IRan. (Download)

07/23/2014 Scott Horton Show: What is the Israel lobby? (Download)

06/24/2014 Scott Horton Show: Why the Israeli spy who looted US uranium is celebrated while the US spy who outed him is shunned. (Download)

03/12/2014 Kathleen Wells and Grant F. Smith discuss the recently concluded "National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel 'Special Relationship'" (Download)

03/07/2014 National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" - (Audio) Full 8 hr program (Download)

03/05/2014 Scott Horton Show - Upcoming National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" (Download)

12/27/2013 Scott Horton Show: Grant F. Smith explains why Americans should not support the AIPAC-fueled insertion of Stanley Fischer into the #2 slot at the Fed. (Download)

12/11/2013 Takes on the World.  Jeffrey Blankfort interviews Grant F. Smith about how AIPAC will work behind the scenes to undermine a nuclear deal with Iran that is favored by Americans two to one. (Download)

11/14/2013 Kathleen Wells asks Grant F. Smith why the U.S. government fears releasing a trove of classified files about Israeli espionage against the United States. KCAA radio (Download)

10/23/2013 Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith about the immense (and growing) U.S. trove of secrets about Israeli espionage targeting nuclear, economic and national defense infrastructure, the Justice Department's observable reticence to prosecute, and why Americans should simply assume the worst when faced with the wall of secrecy. (Download)

10/04/2013 Bruce Fein and Grant F. Smith debate whether it is time to celebrate the demise of neoconservatives' hold on U.S. Middle East policy. Fein reviews the overwhelming public refusal to approve the Obama administration plan to attack Syria over alleged chemical weapons use. Smith argues that despite that recent development, over 70 percent of the neocon policy manifesto (The Clean Break Plan) has already been implemented. Smith further details how even as the region becomes a tinderbox awaiting a spark to inflame U.S. involvement, none of the Israel lobby's capabilities to legally or illegally fan the U.S. into conflagration—preferably while nobody is looking—has been observably diminished.
Globally broadcast today by RT. (Download)

9/22/2013 Second half of the Roseanne Barr show.  Discussion about why AIPAC didn't prevail on shifting U.S. from economic to kinetic warfare against Syria, myths about the origins of AIPAC, the role of money and weapons sales in U.S. aid, whether Americans will pay attention as AIPAC shifts back into its preferred mode of operation: stealth. (Download)

09/20/2013 California public radio Sam Husseini and Grant F. Smith discussed the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons program.  Sam Husseini profiled his video ambush of U.S. officials, the majority of whom deny knowing Israel possesses nuclear weapons. View on YouTube at (Preview) Smith later discusses the Israeli-American networks that have provided funding, technology, nuclear materials and know-how for Israeli nuclear weapons development with impunity under the 1954 Atomic Energy Act, and how this embarrassing history feeds into the current "nuclear ambiguity" policy.  Radio station WZYX, hosted by Jeffrey Blankfort and John Sako. (Download)

09/18/2013 KCAA radio host Kathleen Wells invited Smith to discuss the IRmep essay "Five Dirty Tricks AIPAC uses against Congress" (Download)

07/30/2013 What is the difference between U.S. aid to Egypt and Israel? Why is the appointment of Martin Indyk to represent the U.S. in peace negotiations such a terrible move? What are some Arab states doing to avoid civil unrest? Why is Israel a liability rather than an asset on the American foreign policy balance sheet? Peter Lavelle moderates a debate between Grant F. Smith of IRmep in Washington and Charlie Wolf in London. (Download)

05/23/2013 Iraq is on the verge of a sectarian civil war. Did the American-led invasion of Iraq to dislodge one dictator only see another one appear? To what degree is the Syrian civil war impacting Iraq? Is the idea of “democratic Iraq” an oxymoron? CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle with Kelley Vlahos, Grant Smith and Michael O'Hanlon. (Download)

04/15/2013 Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss AIPAC's lobbying efforts and reliance on "conspiracy theories" to extract massive aid packages from the United States. (Download)

03/21/2013 KZYX radio host Jeff Blankfort and IRmep's Grant F. Smith on Obama visit to Israel, spies and AIPAC's foreign agency. (Download)

03/1/2013 Grant F Smith of IRmep joined Ryan Dawson of Boiling Frogs to explain new video of a former NASA employee Stewart Nozette selling secrets to an undercover FBI agent posing as a Mossad operative, and the troubling mechanics of Israel lobby immunity. (Download)

02/23/2013 Grant F. Smith, research director of IRmep, briefs several hundred Houston area non-profit and business leaders about why Americans are turning away from Israel and challenging Israel's U.S. lobby. Review of major espionage, propaganda and wealth transfer initiatives.  Analysis of new polling data on American public opinion and how the growing chasm between opinion and U.S. policy may be driving a higher score on Transparency International's "perceptions of corruption" index. Recorded on February 23, 2013. (Download)

01/29/2013 The NUMEC Cover-up.  Special IRmep presentation held in Parks Township, just north of Apollo, PA about the diversion of weapons-grade uranium to Israel in the 1960s.(Download)

01/16/2013 James Corbett interviews Grant F. Smith about the Zionist Organization of America, subject of a special report in the January/February Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. (Download)

11/14/2012 Radio host and Huffington Post blogger Kathleen Wells and Grant F. Smith discuss the history and mechanics of Israel lobby criminal immunity for conventional and nuclear weapons smuggling from the United States. (Download)

10/06/2012 Scott Horton and Grant Smith discuss the curious activities and origins of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). (Download)

09/26/2012 Crosstalk's Peter Lavelle hosts Ruthie Blum, Grant F. Smith and Stephen Zunes to debate the influence of the Israel lobby on U.S. politics. (Download)

09/21/2012 Radio host Kevin Barrett interviewed Grant F. Smith for current IRmep research and analysis about the upcoming elections. (Download)

09/08/2012 Grant F. Smith, Research Director for the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy at, joins us to discuss the secret Israeli espionage program that smuggled nuclear materials out of the United States to help start the Israeli nuclear program in the 1960s. We go over the declassified documents tying Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the smuggling ring, and explore Smith's book, Divert!: NUMEC, Zalman Shapiro and the diversion of US weapons grade uranium into the Israeli nuclear weapons program.. (Download)

07/12/2012 Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith about how the Milco/Heli/Ministry of Defense nuclear smuggling ring resembles predecessor and successor front company networks targeting the U.S.; the legal process of obtaining the documents which implicated Benjamin Netanyahu in nuclear technology smuggling; and why President Obama will likely have Jonathan Pollard released by February, 2013. (Download)

07/12/2012 WBAI Host Gary Null interviews Grant F. Smith about the July 4 Antiwar article "Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring."  Topics include Israeli smuggling front companies, players in the Israeli Ministry of Defense/Heli/Milco smuggling network, and why Richard Kelly Smyth divulged information about "Project Pinto" and Netanyahu. (Download)

05/27/2012 Host Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio discusses Grant Smith's article “US Charity Secretly Funds Israeli Nukes;” how the Weizmann Institute, posing as a non-profit charity, conducts espionage and fundraising for Israel's nuclear weapons program; why the US government continues pretending that Israel's nukes don't exist; the IRS's tentative ruling on tax-deductible donations to the Weizmann Institute; how the Justice Department's secretive “shutdown” orders on productive FBI investigations violates US obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; and why the mainstream media won't discuss the Israeli arsenal. (Download)

04/01/2012 Radio host Shelton Walden of WBAI's "Walden's Pond" interviews Grant F. Smith about the Israeli nuclear weapons program, why US presidents cannot openly talk about it and the diversion of weapons-grade uranium from a plant at Apollo, PA..(Download)

03/01/2012 Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, about the “Occupy AIPAC” counter-summit in Washington, D.C. from March 2-6; his article “The Mossad Has Long Given Marching Orders to AIPAC;” the fine line between a domestic lobby and a foreign-controlled intelligence operation; and how constant talk of “Israel in danger” gets AIPAC's hardcore American donors to open their wallets. (Download)

12/28/2011 Jeffrey Blankfort, host of the KZYX radio program "Takes on the World," interviews Grant F. Smith about the forthcoming book Divert! NUMEC, Zalman Shapiro and the Diversion of US Weapons Grade Uranium into the Israeli Nuclear Weapons Program (Download)

10/20/2011 Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, D.C., and Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton discusses Smith's article “Americans Pay Dearly to Maintain Israel's Nuclear Secrets;” the Army Corps of Engineers' $170 million cleanup project at NUMEC, a Pennsylvania nuclear facility that diverted uranium to Israel in the 1960s; why the CIA still won't release documents on NUMEC (and the agency knows plenty about it), even to aid the cleanup effort; the obsolete “strategic ambiguity” policy whereby government officials and the US media feign ignorance or willfully ignore anything about Israel's nuclear program; and how NUMEC fits the profile of a long list of Israeli front companies that smuggled US military assets and nuclear materials. (Download)

9/29/2011 Host Scott Horton and IRmep director Grant F. Smith discuss how over the last two years AIPAC has begun hiding it's distribution curve of large donors, replacing declining public support with cash from a captive non-profit and removing lobbying expenditures from its publicly available IRS filings.  Does this signal an AIPAC "reconstitution" within the Israel lobby Rubik's cube?  They also discuss Medea Benjamin, Tighe Barry and Smith's interesting visit with the Office of Congressional Ethics to discuss AIPAC-organized congressional junkets to Israel, and the OCE's narrow interpretation of 2007 prohibitions on lobbyist paid travel. They also review the Justice Department's record with whistle blowers and Pakistani Kashmir lobbyists from the Sep/Oct Washington Report on Middle East Affairs Special Report. (Download)

9/21/2011 Grant F. Smith reviews AIPAC's hidden history, violations of IRS regulations, classified information laws and the Foreign Agents Registration Act, as well as three programs designed to raise awareness, accountability and overdue regulation. Presentation panel from the Move Over AIPAC conference on May 21, 2011. (Download)

9/20/2011 Journalist Jeffrey Blankfort analyzes how the "Israel lobby" more resembles a "many storied hotel" where doors to the corridors of power and influence sought by Americans are locked. Review of grassroots tactics to confront members of Congress and educate the public. Presentation panel from the Move Over AIPAC conference on May 21, 2011. (Download)

08/10/2011 Antiwar Radio's Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith about his article “Does AIPAC Have Only Two Major Donors?” about the change in AIPAC's donation list in the last few years, why Steven Rosen's defamation lawsuit against AIPAC is revealing new aspects of the organization, and how the documents brought to light could justify indicting the whole lobby for espionage; and the evidence that Rosen used classified information to derail Jesse Jackson's political career. (Download)

07/17/2011 Janet McMahon, Managing Editor - Washington Report on Middle East Affairs explains the history and impact of "stealth PACs." Why has the American Israel Public Affairs Committee spawned a network of PACs across America? Why don't any claim affiliation to their creator or use descriptive names? Shouldn't they be consolidated to have reduced total contribution limits like other PACs? How has the American Israel Public Affairs Committee secretly coordinated stealth PACs, and what has been done about it? Presentation panel from the Move Over AIPAC conference on May 21, 2011. (Download)

07/07/2011 Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton podcast an interview with IRmep director Grant F. Smith about his essay, "AIPAC Pushes Hard for War with Iran...But Doesn't Want the Blame." They discuss Keith Weissman's breaking of his media silence to (badly) defend AIPAC, claiming there is no official program for regime change in Iran, how the US forgoes a necessary waiver when sending aid to Israel -- required for all foreign countries with clandestine nuclear programs, how AIPAC uses leverage on domestic US issues (like National Guard base upgrades) to get their way on foreign policy issues, and the difference between Rosen/Weissman/Franklin espionage and Bradley Manning/WikiLeaks whistleblowing.(Download)

05/17/2011 Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss President Obama's decision to speak at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington DC—and newly released documents revealing pressures for Ronald Reagan to do the same.  They also discuss Move Over AIPAC conference events and direct actions taking place between May 20-24. (Download)

04/22/2011 Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, and Grant F. Smith discuss a range of illegal Israel lobbying and espionage activities, the dangerous recommendations in the book Start-Up Nation by Senor and Singer,  and why the 1985 US-Israel bilateral trade agreement is really a $10 billion/year private-industry funded foreign aid program.  Edmonds and Smith also discuss the importance of attending Move Over AIPAC. (Download)

04/06/2011 On April 6, Grant F. Smith presented a comprehensive review of the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement to the Finance and Economics Council at the University of Rochester. Using a slide show of declassified documents and charts, Smith revealed how secret agreements and a joint Israeli embassy/AIPAC covert operation undermined US industries and the trade negotiating process. New quantitative analysis and disclosures reveal the US-Israel trade agreement is actually a $10 billion/year foreign aid program. Smith also discusses how major omissions in Dan Senor and Saul Singer's 2009 Council on Foreign Relations book Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle undermine their two major findings: that perpetual conflict gives Israel a comparative advantage and that the US should reinstate conscription in order to match Israel's entrepreneurial output. (Download)

03/29/2011 Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss the book Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle assumptions that conscription based national service and constant warfare are actually competitive advantages. (Download)

02/26/2011 Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss the Israel lobby's appetite for acquiring and circulating classified US national defense information based on newly released documents from the Rosen v. AIPAC defamation lawsuit. They also discuss why there are so few warranted prosecutions of high ranking Americans committing crimes to advance Israeli interests in the United States. (Download)

02/09/2011 Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss how the NUMEC diversion of 90% enriched (weapons grade) uranium to Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons programs relates to the current drive to free spy Jonathan Pollard.  (Download)

01/05/2011 Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss the illegal activities underpinning the Rosen v AIPAC defamation lawsuit and newly revealed documents from the case docket. (Download)

12/03/2010 Grant F. Smith discusses how pardoning crimes committed to advance Israeli interests undermines rule of law in the United States.  WAMU FM, Washington, DC. (Download)

11/26/2010 Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss the rationale behind IRmep's filing with the IRS seeking the retroactive revocation of AIPAC's tax exemption.  Broadcast live 11/26/2010 at 6:00 PM on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, 93.7 FM San Diego, and 98.5 FM Ridge Crest/China Lake. (Download).

11/24/2010 Antiwar Radio discussion of AIPAC's new 260 page court filing in Rosen v AIPAC and how details of interactions with the Israeli embassy and attempts to provoke US-Iran military conflict. (Download).

11/09/2010 Antiwar Radio discussion of newly declassified documents from the US Senate's 1963 investigation of foreign agents following the Israeli false flag “Lavon Affair,” how enforcement of FARA prompted the American Zionist Council to reorganize as a non-registered lobby (now called AIPAC), the hundreds of quashed FBI and DOJ investigations into the Israel lobby's routine lawbreaking, how the biggest scandals involving large numbers of government officials become politically impossible to prosecute, how Israel's real existential threat is the lack of an existential threat and why Israel chooses militaristic isolation instead of participating in open market prosperity in the Mideast. (Download)

10/14/2010 Antiwar radio host Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss the Israeli proposal to free spy Jonathan Pollard in exchange for a temporary illegal settlement freeze to save the sputtering "peace process." (Download)

09/08/2010 Host Jeffrey Blankfort interviews Grant F. Smith on his public radio program "Takes on the World" about newly unsealed Senate Foreign Relations Committee files investigating the Israel lobby.  The documents reveal quarterly $5,000 payments from the Jewish Agency to AIPAC for the lobbying newsletter "Near East Report" and stealth public relations programs to undermine American free speech.  The implications of a fifty year effort are discussed in the radio interview. (Download)

8/23/2010 IRmep's Grant F. Smith and Scott Horton of ANTIWAR Radio discuss documents released from the Senate investigation of Israel's covert lobbying and PR campaigns, threats to the continued freedom to practice (out of favor) religions in America, how neoconservatives use their unchallenged talking points in mainstream media to push for war with Iran, the Atlantic magazine's history of promoting Israeli policy objectives and how AIPAC wields power by withholding campaign contributions to wayward politicians. (Download)

07/07/2010 IRmep held a panel discussion at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC titled "Israel's Nuclear Arsenal: Espionage, Opacity and Future."  The following official audio files of "Israel's Nuclear Arsenal" panel presentations are now available for download Jeffrey Blankfort reviews US positioning toward the NPT review conference call for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons. He recounts first hand experiences with an ADL/Apartheid South Africa intelligence agent targeting US activists. (MP3 3.6 MB) Grant F. Smith explores how collaborating in Israeli "strategic ambiguity" undermines rule of law and governance in the United States. He reviews the NUMEC nuclear diversion case and a new Senate attempt to exonerate those involved. (MP3 6.2 MB)Sasha-Polakow Suransky reviews Apartheid South African sales of yellow-cake uranium to Israel's military establishment and argues that AIPAC positively contributed to US policymaking. (MP3 5.9 MB)  John J. Mearsheimer discusses why Israel acquired a nuclear arsenal and the danger it presents to US interests. (MP3 6.2 MB)

07/06/2010 Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio and Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, discuss the upcoming International Spy Museum event ""Israel's Nuclear Arsenal: Espionage, Opacity and Future" and newly released documents about Senator Arlen Specter pressuring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to exonerate NUMEC enriched uranium diversions. Download

05/11/2010 Scott Horton interviews Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, D.C., about the newly declassified 1978 GAO report released by IRmep on 5/10/2010. They cover the diversion of US nuclear material to Israel, marginal investigations and possible cover-ups by the FBI and CIA, prosecutorial immunity for high-profile Americans who commit crimes for Israel's benefit, and billionaire Haim Saban's considerable influence on the Democratic Party.  They review new information about why LBJ's political debt to fundraiser Abraham Feinberg (designated by David Ben Gurion as the US funding coordinator for Israel's nuclear weapons program in 1958) probably explained his disdain for the NUMEC  investigation and applying nuclear nonproliferation to Israel. Download

04/14/2010 Antiwar radio host Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss Israel's underwhelming representation at the Nuclear Security summit and the 1960s diversion of highly enriched uranium from Pennsylvania to Israel's nuclear weapons program.  Download

03/24/2010 Antiwar radio host Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss the illegal settlements "row" between Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and vice president Joe Biden, the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act, and Israel lobby groups that are now far out of compliance.  Download

02/08/2010 Grant F. Smith sits down with PressTV's Susan Modaress to discuss how arms smuggling, subverting a Justice Department foreign agent registration order and string of presidential pardons generated an assumption of criminal immunity within the Israel lobby. They review new tactics US law enforcement agencies are implementing to stem Israeli commercial espionage operations in the United States and why President Obama can't stop illegal settlements as a minor first step toward Middle East peace. Download

01/11/2010 Grant F. Smith makes the case to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman that the US needs to crack down on US charities laundering tax exempt donations into illegal Israeli settlements.  The Diane Rehm Show is produced at WAMU 88.5 and distributed by National Public Radio, NPR Worldwide, and SIRIUS satellite radio. Each week, more than 2.2 million listeners across the country tune in to the program. Download

12/09/2009 Jeffrey Blankfort discusses on KZYX public radio his groundbreaking analysis of a Pew Research poll of Council on Foreign Relations members, which finds them less supportive of current US-Israel relations than the general public.  Later in the program Blankfort and Grant Smith discuss findings from the new IRmep book "Spy Trade: How Israel's Lobby Undermines America's Economy" and the current AIPAC drive for economic sanctions and military strikes on Iran.  Download

10/07/2009 Grant F. Smith discusses Freedom of Information Act requests under the Obama administration's "presumption of openness" mandate and why the Israel lobby has become "too connected" to be regulated with Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio.  Download

09/03/2009 Grant F. Smith discusses Steven Rosen's defamation lawsuit against AIPAC, the "everyone else does it" excuse for trafficking in classified information and the DOJ's history of capitulation to the Israel lobby with Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio.  Download

08/18/2009 - Grant F. Smith confronts the Saban Center's Martin Indyk about how improprieties in negotiating the US-Israel Free Trade Area might affect the willingness of other countries to pact trade deals with Israel.  Download

07/23/2009 - PressTV Washington correspondent Jihan Hafiz interviews Grant F. Smith about recent Israeli pharmaceutical violations of the US-Israel Free Trade Area.  Download

04/08/2009 Scott Horton and Grant F. Smith discuss Steve Rosen's lawsuit against AIPAC, the increasing political stakes in the upcoming Rosen/Weissman espionage trial, the growing political pressure for Barak Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to dismiss the case and the possibility that AIPAC's function as a foreign agent will be openly discussed in court. Download

03/11/2009 Radio Host Ray Hanania interviewed Grant Smith on WJJG Chicago.  They discussed an upcoming report about the Impact of AIPAC and the Israeli government's acquisition of business confidential information provided by concerned US industries to the US Trade Representative during trade negotiations. They reviewed ongoing commercial espionage in weapons systems design, pharmaceutical clinical dossiers, and other intellectual property. The US-Israel FTA is the only bilateral FTA producing multi-billion dollar yearly deficits now totaling $71 billion and negative jobs impact of 126,000 manufacturing related jobs. Review measures the Obama administration should take as it begins reevaluating FTAs against the new trade agenda. Download

11/09/2008 Radio host Sherif S. Fam interviewed Grant Smith on WZBC Cambridge, Massachusetts. During the Sunday  morning program "This Week in Palestine." They discussed the history of the Israel lobby in presidential cabinets and how Obama's picks will impact Middle East policy. Download

10/25/2008 - Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio interviews Grant Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy and author of America's Defense Line: The Justice Department's Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government. They discuss the intrigue behind the AIPAC espionage case, long range patterns of Neocon activity in the Pentagon and the history behind the Logan Act.  They also cover corporate media issue framing, the likely continuity of Washington consensus Mideast policy in an Obama administration and AIPAC's imposition of obstacles toward US exports to the wider Mideast. Download

10/08/2008 - Presidential candidates fiercely debate nuclear proliferation in the Middle East—with one caveat: Israel's nuclear weapons.  Jeffrey Blankfort of the Pacifica Radio "Takes on the World" program interviews Grant Smith about the new book "America's Defense Line: The Justice Department's Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government".   Download (Partial broadcast with listener call-in.)

7/16/2008 - The Bush administration is reversing its long held position that suspension of uranium enrichment was the price of Iran's seat at a negotiating table.  But how genuine is the move toward a face-to-face between Undersecretary of State Burns and Iran's Javier Solana.  Why now?  Is it a strategic shift or policy realignment?  And what about the impact on fall elections?  Grant Smith talks to Radio France Internationale. Download (Foreign Language Broadcast)

3/01/2008 - The Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance's Dr. Kevin Barrett, Republic Broadcasting Network.
What are the strategic implications of Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal?  Why did AIPAC founder Isaiah Kenen ditch the Foreign Agent Registration Act filing requirements when he formed the lobby?  How is alternative media breaking down the wall of self censorship and intimidation and restoring the "American way" of fearless public discourse?   Download

2/24/2008 - The Todd Feinburg Show.  Many Americans question the source of Israel's strong political influence in this country. An answer, at least in part, may be offered in Grant Smith's new book, "Foreign Agents - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee from the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal." A criminal trial against two AIPAC executives will commence this spring, and Smith suggests that Americans will learn more as it unfolds about how Israel lobbyists violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act in their attempts to influence American foreign policy. Download

1/25/2008 - IRmep Policy Podcast.  Neoconservatives of the "Project for a New American Century" wanted more US GDP dedicated to military spending and war.  They've gotten their wish, but at what cost to the economy?  Also, how the US media responds to the Sibel Edmonds question, and the futility of asking the Israel lobby to recognize itself.  Download.

1/18/2008 - IRmep Policy Podcast.  The Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Norman Podhoretz pulled out all the stops to urge the Bush Administration to attack Iran in the autumn of 2007.  The National Intelligence Estimate stopped their initiative, but for how long? Download.

1/11/08 - IRmep Policy Podcast.  An incident at Hormuz Straits, the Bush visit to Palestine, and the real cost of US-Israel trade. MP3 Download.

12/18/07 - INN World News host Leonard Charles discusses the history of AIPAC and likelihood that the case will never go to trial with Grant Smith.  MP3 Download.

11/21/07 - PressTV Book Review "Foreign Agents: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee"  Martin Short, a British author and producer, Tim Llewellyn the BBC's Middle East correspondent for nearly a decade, and Abe Haim, of Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine sat down to discuss the book "Foreign Agents".   MP3 Download.

08/17/07 - WBAI Book Review "Foreign Agents: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee"  On August 19, Grant Smith discussed upcoming book "Foreign Agents" on WBAI's "Walden's Pond" with radio host Shelton Walden. MP3 Download.

02/23/07 - "Visa Denied: The Opportunity Cost of Discriminatory Visa Policies" On February 23, Grant Smith discussed the newly released report "Visa Denied: How Anti-Arab Visa Policies Destroy US Exports, Jobs and Higher Education on Viewpoint with James Zogby MP3 Download

01/25/07 - "The Opportunity Cost of Under Resourced US Visa Processing" On January 25, Grant Smith discussed the newly released report "Visa Denied: How Anti-Arab Visa Policies Destroy US Exports, Jobs and Higher Education. Download

10/18/06 - "Special Interest Policymakers and Neoconservative Dogma" Grant Smith appeared with Jeffrey Blankfort on Takes on the World the daunting problem of special interest policymakers thwarting US national interests. Smith reviews chapters of the book "Deadly Dogma".  MP3 Download

08/29/06 - "The Clean Break Plan: A Conspiracy of Theories?" Grant Smith appeared at the Palestine Center in Washington, DC to discuss the theories behind the Neoconservative "Clean Break" plan written by Richard Perle, David Wurmser and Douglas Feith.  He then analyzed the changing environment as law enforcement positions itself to take a more proactive stance against Espionage, Foreign Agent Registration, and Logan Act violations by US policymakers.
MP3 Download

08/23/06 - Book Review: "Deadly Dogma: How Neoconservatives Broke the Law to Deceive America" Grant Smith appeared with author and WYZX Radio host Jeffrey Blankfort to discuss findings in "Deadly Dogma" and how the neoconservative influence continues to damage US Middle East policy. MP3  Download

08/15/06 - Book Review: "Deadly Dogma: How Neoconservatives Broke the Law to Deceive AmericaGrant Smith appeared with WBAI Radio host Shelton Walden to discuss his new book and how the IRmep's Center for Policy and Law Enforcement is educating US attorneys about FARA, Espionage Act and Wire Fraud prosecution strategies. MP3 Download

08/14/06 - UN Ceasefire Resolution 1701 Grant Smith appeared on WWRL Radio with Dr. Ron Daniels to discuss the UN Ceasefire resolution and new information revealing the attacks on Lebanon as a "dry run" for future attacks on Iran. MP3 Download

08/11/06 - Neocon Clean Break plan Update Grant Smith appeared on the LinkTV show Viewpoint to discuss IRmep's book "Neocon Middle East Policy: the 'Clean Break' Plan Damage Assessment." (Available at Other topics included legal violations of key neoconservative policymakers, flaws in core policy, and how rejection of international law has also diminished respect for domestic US law.  MP3 Download

11/21/2005 - Law enforcement briefing at the Russell Senate Office Building "US Charitable Contributions, Illegal Settlements, and Suicide Terrorism.  MP3 Download

11/10/05 - Neocon Clean Break plan or Beirut Declaration? 9/11Grant Smith appeared on the Jim Greenfield
show to discuss IRmep's book "Neocon Middle East Policy: the 'Clean Break' Plan Damage Assessment." (Available at Other topics included tackling the real causes vs the hype factor and rhetoric in the news media's discussion of suicide terrorism, and the Beirut Declaration.  Plus all the news, notes, and politics of the week
. MP3 Download

8/15/05 - The Gaza Withdrawal and Mythologies of the 1967 Arab Israeli WarWas the 1967 Arab Israeli war inevitable? What is the true refugee status of Palestinians? What do the data say about how to really confront suicide terrorism? Grant Smith clears up common misconceptions in a debate with Armstrong Williams.  MP3 Download 

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