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Washington Institute for Near East Policy (AIPAC) Year 2000 Trustees
(Source: Internal Revenue Service)

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Ken and Nira Abramowitz

Albert Abramson

Lorraine and Richard Abramson

Bernyce Adler

Joan and Charles Adler

Catheringe and Frederick Adler

Wilma and Arthur Aeder

Catherinte and Frederick Adler

Barry Akrongold

Bruce and Elisha Akrongold

Joan and Standford Alexander

Evelyn and William Alter

Herta and Paul Amir

Lily Artenstein

Richard Aryeh

Helen Asher

Mary Jane and Robert Asher

Noni and Alan Alufzien

Alice and Paul Baker

Donna and Anthony Barrett

Melanie and Charles Barry

Etta and Michael Barry

Rochelle and Newton Becker

Froma and Andrew Benerofe

Meyer Berman

Patricia Berman

Valerie and Denis Bieber

Joan and Allan Bildner

Gene and Richard Bindler

Margie and Milton Bliss

Roberta and Stanley Bogen

Trudy and Richard Borow

Irma and Norman Bramen

Alam Breslauer

Imra and Benjamin Breslauer

Elizabeth and James Breslauer

Michele Breslauer and Jeffrey Abrams

Sandra and Stephen Breslauer

Frances Brody

Edward Broida

Andy and Chalres Bronfman

Edgar Bronfman

Andy Brown

Ann and Michael Bunyaner

Pam and Stanley Chais

Debbie and Gerald Charnoff

Judy and Michael Chasanoff

Joyce and Aubrey Chernick

Carole and Melvin Cohen

Barbara and Bert Cohn

Judith and Stewart Colton

Toby and Leon Cooperman

Ruth and Gerald Daniel

Isabel and Joseph Davidson

Sophie and Leonard Davis Deceased

Barbara and Maurice Deane

Pat and Jerry Epstein

Danielle and Shimon Erem

Edith and Henry Everett

Bernice and Leonard Fassler

Margret and Paul Feder

Esther and Sumner Feldberg

Linda and Ira Fish

Marjorie and Max Fisher

Shirley and Bill Fleischer

Seymour Fleisher

Beverly and Howard Frank

Judy and Stanley Frankel

Sharon and Joseph Freed

Jason Friedland

Sheree and Gerald Friedman

Chaya and Howard Friedman

Beulah and Jack Friedman

Lorraine and Jack Friedman

Josh Friedman

Amy and Anthony Fromer

Ann and Robert Fromer

Rani and Sandor Garfinkle

Rahel and Jack Gindi

Michelle and Andrew Glick

Nancy and Larry Glick

Richard Goldman

Jocey and Robert Goldman

Doretta and Jona Goldrich

Joyce Goodman

Connie and Leonard Goodman

Nancy and Stanley Goodman

Patricia and Mark Gordon

Paul and Jerry Gottesman

Rachel and Barney Gottstein

Phyllis Greenman

Ahuva and Martin Gross

Sharon Gross

Joseph Gurwin

Barry Haimes

Shahpar and Isaac Hakim

Cheryl and Fred Halpern

Yonina Halpern

Joan and Irvig Harris

Jacqueline Harris

Jonathan Harris

Suzanne and Norman Hascoe

Susan and Roger Hertog

Rita and Irwin Hochberg

Stacy and Jonathan Hochberg

Jane and Michael Hoffman

Marjorie and Robert Kargman

Frances Katz

Ellie and Herbert Katz

Marilyn and Stanley Katz

Arlene Kaufman and Sandy Balkor

Florence and Robert Kaufman

Selma and walter Kaye

Joyceand Mel Keefer

Marjorie and Stephen Kellner

Linda and Michael Keston

Arlene and Robert Kogod

Dorothy and Sidney Kohl

Jonathan Kolatch

Dorothy Kornblith

Shirley and Aaron Kotler

Lola and Saul Kramer

Karen and Alan Krause

Connie and Harvey Krueger

Barbara and Fred Lafer

Bryna and Joshua Landes

Iise and John Lang

Frank Lautenberg

Mira and Robert Levenson

Phyllis and Bernard Leventhal

Mildred and Abner Levine

Edward Levy

Ellen and Irwin Levy

Susan Levy

Bennet Lindenbaum

Belda and Marcel Lindenbaum

Nancy and Norman Lipoff

Ruth and Jerome Lorber

Ruth Low

Sondra and David Mack

Phyllis and William Mack

Barbara and Morton Mandel

Debbie and Gil Mann

Nancy and Michael Marcus

Aviva and Paul Silberberg

Lee and Irving L. Mazer

Susan and Peter Simon

Claire and Robert Mazer

Tamar and Harold Snyder

Mort Meyerson

Helen and Dimitri Sogoloff

Ruth and Israel Miller

Katja and Michael Sonnenfeldt

Meredith Berkman and Daniel Mintz

Jeanne and Richard Spring

Jonathan Mitchell

Louise and Michael Stein

Arlene and Mayer Mitchell

Jean and Meyer Steinberg

Sidney Moray

Silvia and David Steiner

Muriel and JulesMoster

Judy and Michael Steinhardt

Libbe and Joseph Murez

Ann and William Stern

Arnold and Florence Newberger

Betsy and Walter Stern

Ruth and Raymond Perelman

Mary Elizabeth and David Stern

Larry Phillips

Aaron Stone

Gere and Lester Pollack

Arlene and David Stone

Marcia and Robert Riesman

Carol Stone

Marcia Robbins – Wilf

Marlene and Harold Strauss

Shari and Herb Rosen

Roselyne Swig

Carolyn and Sol Rosen

Claire Sudler

Ruth and Irving Rosenbaum

Marilyn and Henry Taub

Lyn and George Ross

Arlene and Joseph Taub

Miriam and Samuel Rotrosen

Jacqui and Michael Tenzer

Tara and James Rutman

Ann and Andrew Tisch

Faye and Herman Sarkowsky

Jonathan Torop

Norma and Joseph Saul

Beate and Henry Voremberg

Gloria Scharlin

Ester and Nathan Wagner

Eleanor and Harry Schick

Zahava and Irving Wein

Yachai and Aviva Schneider

Barbi and Lowrence Weinberg

Mary and Lewis Schott

Betty Weiner

Wendy and James Schreiber

Edna Weiss

Zachary Schreiber

Molly and Howard Weiss

Edie and Marvin Shur

Judith and Norbert Weissberg

Lynn Schusterman

Judy and Joshua Weston

Allyne and Fred Schwartz

Libby and Lewis Weston

Jean and Charles Segal

Nina and Gary Wexler

Joan and Jerry Serchuck

Sheila and Harold Wilshinsky

Rose and Morton Serota

Shoshanna and David Wingate

Joseph Shalant

Sandra and Timothy Wuliger

Natalie and Marvin Shapiro

Ziona and Ronald Zelazo

Orna Shulma

Desiree and Robert Zelma

Rena Shulsky

Harriete and Jerome Zimmerman

Cathy and David Siegal

Jane and Ronald Zimmerman

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