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Book: Foreign Agents: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee from the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal $14.95
ISBN # 0-9764437-7-5
200 Pages Perfect Bound
Copyright 2007
In Stock - Ships immediately
Foreign Agents FOREIGN AGENTS begins with testimony and subpoenaed documents from the 1963 Senate investigation into the activities of the agents of foreign principals. Senator J.W. Fulbright's discovery of "conduit" money-laundering operations in the US financed by Israeli principals touched off deep and important questions about US lobbying on behalf of the fledgling nation and the applicability of laws such as the Foreign Agents Registration Act and the Logan Act. The book then uncovers AIPAC election law skirmishes in the 1980s-1990s and to the question of espionage. In 2005, two AIPAC executives, Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, were criminally indicted for violating the 1917 Espionage Act. FOREIGN AGENTS reviews behind-the-scenes defense team motions and judicial decisions affecting First Amendment freedom of speech issues and questions about "inside the Beltway" trafficking in classified US defense information by lobbies.
Book: Visa Denied: How Anti-Arab Visa Policies Destroy US Exports, Jobs, and Higher Education $19.95
ISBN # 0-9764437-6-7
188 Pages Perfect Bound
Copyright 2006
In Stock - Ships immediately
Visa Denied  Visa processing barriers limiting inbound international business and pleasure travelers cost the United States economy billions of dollars in direct revenues while severing vital communications links to the Arab market. The US has already lost US $62 billion in merchandise trade to competitors maintaining "open door" visa policies through 2005. IRmep presents specific recommendations for avoiding permanent damage to vital trade and communications links between the US and this key region.
Book: Deadly Dogma: How Neoconservatives Broke the Law to Deceive America $12.95
ISBN # 0-9764437-0-8
254 Pages Perfect Bound
Copyright 2006
In Stock - Ships immediately
wpe9.jpg (3811 bytes)Deadly Dogma challenges fatally flawed neoconservative dogma of preemptive strikes, "noble lies", unlimited military spending, and  militant Zionism. 

Deadly Dogma then presents the case for criminal prosecution of crimes ranging from extortion, wire fraud, tax fraud, and espionage committed over a thirty year period.


Book: Neocon Middle East Policy: The 'Clean Break' Plan Damage Assessment $9.95
ISBN #09764437-4-0
110 Pages Perfect Bound
Copyright 2005
In Stock - Ships immediately
wpe8.jpg (2400 bytes)Neocon Middle East Policy reviews the strategies and consequences of the "Clean Break" plan authored by Richard Perle, David Wurmser, and Douglas Feith in 1996.  It analyzes the core assumptions of the policy, cost of tactics that have already been implemented, and discusses the likelihood others will be implemented in the future.


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